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My passion for ceramics began in college. Once I got my hands dirty, there was no going back. The clay has been like a constant friend. It feels could say I am stuck in the mud.

My work reflects inspiration by nature and everyday life. Each piece is given texture to convey a story full of color. I make my own linoleum cut stamps and use lace, leaves, and found objects to add dimension and finesse to make each piece my own.

I grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana and moved with my family to Louisville in 2005. My studio is in my home, where I juggle art and the rest of life with my two daughters. In the Louisville area, my work can be found at Copper Moon, Peace of the Earth, and Edenside Gallery.

Recent juried art shows include Kentucky Crafted, Cherokee Art Triangle, Cincinnati Summer Fair, Indianapolis Talbot Street Art Fair, St. James Court Art Show, and Columbus Ohio Winter Fair.

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